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Human Resources

Finber Holding adopts an innovative “Human Resources Management” approach within the scope of its vision, mission and values. In order to prepare its employees for tomorrow, it puts training at the center of development and makes training important for all its employees, from the highest to the lowest positions. Finber Holding creates the most suitable environment for its educated, dynamic and innovative staff to provide their personal and professional development. It is aware that development and growth by adding value to each employee can only happen with its employees. Adopts a participatory company culture with an employee approach of “Creating Added Value”. With its employees who constantly follow the innovations in the sector, it is able to adapt the development and change that may occur at any time to the company in the best way possible. It pays attention to attaching importance to ethical values in its human resources policy, providing equal rights to employees, adopting a culture that is creative and open to development, and integrating team spirit in every field. In this way, it aims to have a strong, successful and highly committed work force.