Finber Holding, the world's leading drapery, drapery fabrics and embroidery is one of the producers. Monthly production is carried out 2 million meters.

Holding of its products Finber ERP system and barcode control, dyeing the yarn production, quality control finish until the process is conducted at all stages of its own fully integrated plant. Great production capacity in anticipation offers the fastest way to answer that Finber Textiles pre-sales and after complete support structure with strong marketing and service.

The products produced are controlled continually by the expertise of quality control, in the laboratory is also minimized error rate passing the test. Today Finber holding 50% of what it produces is exported to over 50 countries in 5 continents. All the biggest support Finber behind the success educated Holding, dynamic and innovative kadrosudur.ürün the reliability of further enhancing and customers than to offer quick solutions to one that aims to achieve the better etmektedir.hep continue its R & D work production concept, and always invest in the future Moving forward with policy making Finber Holding pride of the industry, the undisputed world power of the textile sector and calls on Turkey to meet with unmatched quality.